Bio: Luke Park is a Social Justice Independent Activist and Emotional/Social Intelligence Enthusiast. He is the founder and owner of The Moral Compass of Attraction and Social Adaptation brand and company along with The Social Adaptation Project website and blog. He posts on social media such as Facebook, to provide resources and different progressive advice on dating, relationships, social skills, social justice issues, emotional awareness, social intelligence, and internal empowerment and inner peace as daily principles through ethical and moral practices. He also provides one on one consultations and group social transformation programs in developing and evolving oneself to thrive and lead their lives to success through leadership and social confidence. He uses relationship based contexts such as: meeting your potential suitor (date, lover, partner), keeping him/her through progressive attraction, building rapport, developing mental, emotional, physical, spiritual seduction in the eyes of your moral compass, widening one’s professional networks through social and emotional intelligence and building empowering relationships from love and romance to platonic work environment relations all while being charismatic. Email Contact: themoralcompassofattraction@gmail.com (Questions, Consultations and Training Programs) Company Website: https://themoralcompassofattractionandsocialadaptation.wordpress.com Project Website: http://thesocialadaptation.wix.com/thesocialadaptation Social Media Page: http://www.facebook.com/TheMoralCompassofAttractionandSocialAdaptation

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