The Myth: Why Boys and Men Don’t Cry

Boys and Men ubiquitously are hurting and crying for help. Parents, Mentors, Role Models, Friends, Families, Colleagues, Co-workers, Significant others, and others, be there for the boys and men in your life. Be sincere, genuine, caring, honest.

“Takes a village to raise a kid.”
Society says, “Men don’t cry”, “Men aren’t expressive.”, “If boys and men are expressive, they’re cowards, pu**ies”, “Boys will be boys.” STOP conditioning us to be non-express, non-communicative. Nurture us from the ground up when we’re younger. When we’re adults, be kind, support and love us wholesomely.
How traumatic, unhealthy, and immature are those words? Rhetorical.
“It’s easier to raise children than fix broken men.”

Regardless of our backgrounds whether it is gender, race, ethnicity, age, religion, political stances, sexual orientation, education, we’re all HUMAN.

F**k the male patriarchal society. As people, we all have pain, suffering, vulnerabilities, failures, weaknesses, hopes, dreams, plans, goals, objectives, feelings, emotions, beliefs, needs and desires.

Whether boys and men cry, smile, express themselves in any other way, they are still boys and men. They are still human beings that need and want support. Hell, we’re ALL expressive, emotional creatures. Where’s the love? Show the love. Be good, be ethical, be moral, be kind, be gentle, be sensitive, be assertive, be confidence, love oneself in and out entirely and share that love with others.

When I’m in uncomfortable state of vulnerabilities, I utilize meditation, emotional freedom technique (tapping), exposure therapy, talking cure, music therapy, practice martial arts and sports. Do what gives you emotional release.

If you have anxiety, depression or other unhealthy things going on, please seek professional assistance by contacting your physician to see a specialist or call your local hot-line for help!

Here’s a song that may help boys and men see the light during and at the end of the dark tunnel.
Lean On Me, Bill Withers

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